This is my ancestor’s story of hardships,
Discrimination, persecution and adventures too.
They suffered but they enjoyed life as well.
They did everything to create the wonderful, easy
Life we all have in North America today.
With no conveniences, isolation, little or no support from governments
And extremely hard work, this is my thanks to them.

I have now traced my ancestry back to my great, great, great, great grandfather (IV) who comes from Reichenbach,Karlsruhe, Baden in Germany. He was a farmer and lived alongside the Rhine River near the Black Forest and those outstanding fairy-tale castles. This stretch of land was prone to many wars and battles.  Lands were destroyed, people were killed and often Roman Catholics battled with Protestants as well.

Catherine the Great in Russia offered generous concessions for German farmers to move to the Ukraine in the late 1700’s. My ancestors were ready for something more peaceful and calm and took her offer. The Millers moved to Mannheim, Russia where they built prosperous farms and villages from untamed lands.

After nearly a century of hard work chaos started yet again. The Bolshevist uprising(communist/socialists) didn’t like the Germans owning and prospering so well on lands the Russians felt was rightfully theirs. Germans were again persecuted both for their nationality and religion as the communist forces increased.

My ancestors left for North America – North Dakota, USA and then further north to Saskatchewan, Canada. Again they built from scratch with no conveniences or help. I am fortunate they moved to North America in the late 1800′s. In 1914 Stalin shut the borders of Russia and shipped all remaining Germans to Siberia or killed them. It is estimated that two-thirds of the Germans remaining in Russia were killed.

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